You shape the future - We accompany you

Our claim is your benefit: No off-the-shelf concepts, but suitable for your company, your municipality, your organization – implementation-oriented and sustainable with the involvement of the relevant stakeholders.

Self-conception and philosophy

SynergieKomm works holistically and interdisciplinarily with a basic understanding of sustainability. This means considering ecological, economic and social aspects equally. Their interactions and long-term effects are also taken into account in the development of sustainable concepts for the future. Particularly in times of energy transition, climate change and scarcity of resources, sectoral thinking and action are not expedient; what is required above all is agile and cooperative thinking in cycles.

With our individual and region-specific approach, you receive customized solution packages for your tasks in the municipal environment or for your company development. Recognizing innovative trends and making them usable for current and future challenges of the transformation process is our strength.

SynergieKomm works in a network structure and puts together the optimal project team for you by cooperating with other companies according to the order. With SynergieKomm you have only one contact person, who completes the tasks comprehensively and competently for you.

Our range of services

SynergieKomm tracks down potential synergies for you at the interface between new technologies and the market. As a future-oriented company, you can offer customized solutions for your customers or members on the development path of energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energies. These stand for an economically successful business activity – for you and for your customers.

Rosa Hemmers

Graduate geographer, graduate tropical technologist

  • Ten years of activity in scientific-technical knowledge transfer at the interface of research – economy – society
  • Development of information services (BINE and KEV) for various target groups on new energy technologies, energy saving, renewable energies, environmental technologies
  • Over 10 years of ASEW development: association, consulting and lobbying work for the municipal energy industry, including the development of consulting centers, training of energy and environmental consultants, development of new business areas and products, environmentally responsible corporate strategies.
  • Planning and implementation of seminars, workshops, events, trade fairs
  • 17 years staff position energy efficiency and innovation in a municipal service company (energy, water, transport, cooperation with the city)
  • Acquisition of third-party funds, project management, project development for innovative projects, e.g. in cooperation between public utility and municipality
  • 2.5 years technical coordination of a commission of inquiry “Rising energy prices and their impact on the economy and consumers” at the NRW state parliament
  • More than 30 years of awareness raising and strategic consulting in the (energy-) political environment for renewable energies, e.g. board member of EUROSOLAR and Green Electricity Label

Take advantage of my experience and strengthen your company | your community | your organization sustainably!

Our customers

These customer groups appreciate our services

Energy/water/transport service providers and waste disposal companies
Municipalities and counties
Small and medium-sized commercial and industrial enterprises
Public facilities for the common good
Organizations in the education sector
Associations / clubs with focus on renewable energies and climate protection
Institutions of development cooperation
Cooperatives and civil societies


Appreciative further development of your own staff can counteract the shortage of skilled workers and retain good employees.

Therefore, invest in sustainably securing the company by qualifying and strengthening your employees. Artificial intelligence can take over some tasks. However, if you do not want to be determined by it, you must be able to understand and control such systems. Thus, education management in the company | in the municipality | in the organization is becoming increasingly important.